Page Turner (K-Drama)

Hello, so I am back with more k-dramas to share!


A new drama that I’ve watched: “Page Turner”. This drama is only 3 episodes long, each episode around 1 hour.


A student from an art school ,Yoon Yu-Seul, is a piano genius (she is forced to play piano by her mother). She had a rival Seo Jin-Mok who was also amazing at piano (but not as good as Yu-Seul). They always compete against each other and badmouth each other. Cha-Sik who’s an athlete then met both of those piano geniuses, after a very bad accident which was about to change all of their lives.

Main Casts:

Kim So-Hyun as Yu-Seul

Ji Soo as Cha-Sik

Shin Jae-Ha as Jin-Mok

Ye Ji-Won as Yu-Seul’s mom

Hwang Yong-Hee as Cha-Sik’s mom

***By the way, you can watch this on YouTube 🙂


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