The Mortal Instruments

Hello everyone! There’s a novel series called “The Mortal Instruments”(which was written by Cassandra Clare) ,that in my opinion is very interesting. “The Mortal Instruments” has 6 series.

This novel’s about a girl named Clary ,who found out that she is a shadowhunter, and met the other shadowhunters -including Jace, Izzy and Alec- from the clave. Then, she had a romantic, paranormal and urban fantasy adventures.

I watched the movie of the first series and it was so cool! I loved everything about it. Maybe because it was suitable with my age… In this post I am just going to tell you what I think about this novel series.

The first time I knew about this series was when I watched The Mortal Instruments #1 “City of Bones” in the TV, starring Lily Collins as Clary and Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace.  I was in love with the movie just as I watched it, then I bought the second series, “The City of Ashes”. The thing that made me in love with these novels is none other than the relationship of Clary and Jace <3<3. Other than that, I also like the shadowhunters , their quests and their runes-these runes are so cool. I like the problems these characters are in because it is full of mysteries, that made me curious. Anyway, what I want to say is that this is an incredible young adult genre paranormal and urban fantasy novel.

You can find out more about this series in the wikipedia (or read the novel) and comment below about what you think of this series.


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