Do you know cakwe? It is a type of food/snack from China but found also in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Laos and other countries near Asia. It is a deep-fried snack like doughnuts. In Indonesia, we usually eat it with porridge, with a type of bean soup (tau-suan) or probably just as it is. In other … Continue reading Cakwe


Page Turner (K-Drama)

Hello, so I am back with more k-dramas to share! A new drama that I've watched: "Page Turner". This drama is only 3 episodes long, each episode around 1 hour. Synopsis: A student from an art school ,Yoon Yu-Seul, is a piano genius (she is forced to play piano by her mother). She had a rival … Continue reading Page Turner (K-Drama)

Uncontrollably Fond (K-Drama)

Hey there! Are you interested in watching Korean Dramas? Well, I am :). I am watching this new drama: "Uncontrollably Fond" (함부로 애틋하게)   Synopsis: This drama is about romance, action and conflicts. Shin Junyeong (starred by Kim Woobin) knew No Eul (starred by Bae Suzy) since high school. They both then lost contact with each … Continue reading Uncontrollably Fond (K-Drama)

Story 1: Cat vs. Water (Part 2)

“Buckle up, y’al,”said Mr. Stanley,”here we go!” Everyone were very happy. They sang all the way to the villa. “This is fun! I like vacation trips. Do you feel the joy?” Miu told the other pets. “Yeah, but it’s kinda bumpy back here,” said Jon who was sitting at the back. They traveled for 3 … Continue reading Story 1: Cat vs. Water (Part 2)