jps buliding

         John Paul’s School (JPS), that’s the name of my school. My school is about 400m long and 80m wide. As you can see in the picture, the front part of my school is the parking lot. At the left side, you can see another space for parking but that part is only for motorcycles. Beside the motorcycle parking area, there’s a path way that leads directly to the  canteen and the school building.

       My school’s building is divided into 3 parts: Building A, Building B and Building C. Building A is at the left side of the picture. There are 15 Primary classrooms, a counselor room, a teacher’s room, a pantry, a clinic and an AV room on the first and second floor. On the third floor, there are 9 secondary classrooms, a music room and another teacher’s room. Behind this building, there is an indoor gym and a playground.

       Building B also has 3 floors. There is a receptionist, an administration room, a table tennis area, a dance room , a taekwondo practice area behind the table tennis area, an IT room, the General Division and the foundation’s room on the first floor. The second floor has a library, a computer lab, an art room and 3 science labs. The third floor consists of the auditorium and 4 Senior High classrooms.

      Building C is mostly the Kindergarten area because the first floor has 10  KG classrooms and the KG assembly hall. The third floor of Building C consists of the Senior High classrooms and the teacher;’s room. There’s another playground, a jogging track and a soccer field behind this building.

      JPS has 2 other gyms at the right side of the building. There’s a volley gym, where students usually play volley and do gymnastics, and a basketball gym. My school has more than 10 extracurriculars and some other organisations, like the student committee. Isn’t JPS a great place to study? If you think so, come join me now!


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