One of my favorite country has the most amazing culture, places and food. It has one of the 7 wonders of the world too. It is China. China is a part of Asia and it is the country with the most population. I love the Traditional Chinese Opera that is performed by … Continue reading China


Kampung Gajah Wonderland

Have you been on a field trip? Do you want to? Well, I have a recommendation for one. Last Thursday, my school went for a field trip and I had a splendid time! Where did I go? I went to Kampung Gajah Wonderland. By reading this post you will know more about the spectacular Kampung … Continue reading Kampung Gajah Wonderland

Microsoft Excel: Functions

Hello! I am back. Now I am going to discuss about excel. Maybe you already know and maybe you don't know about what I am going to discuss but just read and maybe you can increase your knowledge. Functions: First, let's start with  the easy ones. 1.Sum Sum is a function to add numbers in … Continue reading Microsoft Excel: Functions

My Creations in HTML (2)

This is one of my results in making HTML in web browser. It was an exercise given by my teacher, we were told to make a sample of an online shop. I know this doesn't look that awesome but at least I  could make it. There you can see there's "***For more information, click the … Continue reading My Creations in HTML (2)


Let's continue! Next, I'm going to tell you about the other pair tags to be located in between the <body> tag and the </body> tag.. Pair Tags: Body attributes: Background color (which change the background color of the webpage): <body bgcolor="yellow"> - you just have to put the color you want to be the background … Continue reading HTML (PART 2)


This time I'm going to tell you the basic of HTML. What's HTML??? Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML for short is a text file containing tags. To write a HTML you can use Notepad and Web Browser to view the output. The Structure of HTML: We must  start the HTML with a <html> pair tag. Before … Continue reading HTML (PART 1)

Story 1: Cat vs. Water (Part 2)

“Buckle up, y’al,”said Mr. Stanley,”here we go!” Everyone were very happy. They sang all the way to the villa. “This is fun! I like vacation trips. Do you feel the joy?” Miu told the other pets. “Yeah, but it’s kinda bumpy back here,” said Jon who was sitting at the back. They traveled for 3 … Continue reading Story 1: Cat vs. Water (Part 2)

Story 1: The Cat vs. Water (Part 1)

During the spring holiday, Andy’s family had decided to go on a vacation to a villa in the mountains. They decided that the pets should come too. They had a cat, Miu; a dog, Jon and a hamster, Cutie. The pets were very excited that they would go on a family trip. “Woohoo!”said Miu happily,” … Continue reading Story 1: The Cat vs. Water (Part 1)

Making my Blog

Hello! I'm so excited that I have my own blog now. Earlier today, my ICT/IT teacher taught my class how to make a blog. She explained to us  the functions of the blog and what we may and may not do /write in a blog. After that, she taught us the steps in making a … Continue reading Making my Blog