My Creations in HTML (1)

This is the HTML in Notepad and the others are the results in the notepad. This was my first HTML.


My Creations in HTML (2)

This is one of my results in making HTML in web browser. It was an exercise given by my teacher, we were told to make a sample of an online shop. I know this doesn't look that awesome but at least I  could make it. There you can see there's "***For more information, click the … Continue reading My Creations in HTML (2)


Let's continue! Next, I'm going to tell you about the other pair tags to be located in between the <body> tag and the </body> tag.. Pair Tags: Body attributes: Background color (which change the background color of the webpage): <body bgcolor="yellow"> - you just have to put the color you want to be the background … Continue reading HTML (PART 2)


This time I'm going to tell you the basic of HTML. What's HTML??? Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML for short is a text file containing tags. To write a HTML you can use Notepad and Web Browser to view the output. The Structure of HTML: We must  start the HTML with a <html> pair tag. Before … Continue reading HTML (PART 1)

Cold Stone Creamery

Hello! It's been quite awhile since I've posted again...In this post I'm going to talk about a dessert, which is nearly everyone's favorite, ICE CREAM. So, last Sunday I ate Cold Stone's ice cream. For you who don't know what Coldstone is, I'll explain. Coldstone is an ice cream shop. There, they serve ice cream, … Continue reading Cold Stone Creamery

Howl’s Moving Castle (Anime Movie)

Hello! I am back. In this post, I'm going to review about an anime movie. You might know a thing or two about "Howl's Moving Castle". I re-watched (I don't know if that's even a word..) this movie yesterday evening and I am so excited to share my lovely experience to you all. It's a … Continue reading Howl’s Moving Castle (Anime Movie)