Microsoft Excel: Functions

Hello! I am back. Now I am going to discuss about excel. Maybe you already know and maybe you don’t know about what I am going to discuss but just read and maybe you can increase your knowledge.


First, let’s start with  the easy ones.


Sum is a function to add numbers in a range of cell. For example, you are going to add the numbers in cell A1 up to cell A4. You can write the function like:


2.Minimal and Maximal Value

This function is to find the minimal value out of the list of cells. While maximal value is to find the result of the maximum value of the cells.




Count is to count the total number of datas in a range of cells.



This function is for deciding. For example: You are a teacher and you have a list of data of scores of your students. You want excel to decide easily which student passed and which student failed. The passing score is 70, so you type the function like this:

=if(logical test;”value if true”;”value if false”)

so if the cell address is A1, then


Either the sign is a semi colon or a come is according to your PC, so check it first or the function will not work.

These are several functions I learnt at school.

Here’s my creation:



That’s one of my creations which is a Sudoku game. You can search on how to make it online.


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