Alice Through The Looking Glass


Hello guys, its been a long time since I have last posted. By the way, have you watched another Alice movie? It was released several months ago, and I thought that it was great.

The story continues with Alice, a captain, going back to the Underworld to safe Hatter from dying. Hatter told Alice that he felt his family’s presence. He wanted Alice to believe in him and help him find his family. At first, Alice didn’t believe in Hatter but then Hatter was sicker and Alice decided to help him. So, Alice asked the others about what happened to Hatter’s family before they were gone, every body thought that they died. It was on the day where the Red Queen’s dragon attacked Hatter’s family that his family was gone. Alice wanted to know more, so she went to the Time and asked him for the machine to go back in time and a whole lot of other things happened. For the continuation of it, you can watch online or wait for it to be released in Fox Movies Premium.

In this movie, Hatter looked scary and very pale. The make up on Johnny Depp was amazing. The dress Alice wore was magnificent and very colorful, in the movie you’ll know where it came from. In my opinion, this movie was great, was it great for you?

here is a trailer:


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