Moon Lovers:Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Hello everyone! I am back with another kdrama to share to y’all.😉


Have you heard about Scarlet Heart Ryeo? It is one of my favorite drama. Here’s more about it:

synopsis (spoiler alert!)

A girl named Go Ha Jin felt that her life’s a total mess because her boyfriend cheated on her and she had a lot of debt too. She was sitting near a lake when she saw a child drowning of course she felt on helping the child, so she jumped. When she jumped she suddenly drowned and a solar eclipse happened.

She thought she died. She came back to life in a place she wasn’t familiar with. She was in Goryeo-which is 1000 years before present. She was confused. People around her called her with a name:Hae Soo. She actually went in a girl’s body which has the exact face as hers. She then had conflicts with the princes of Goryeo, met King Tae Jo, made friends with some of the princes and of course fell in love with one.

–I wonder how it will end– Just can’t wait for the next episode!!!

Main casts:

IU as Go Ha-Jin and Hae Soo

Lee Joon-Gi as The 4th Prince (Wang So)

Kang Ha-Neul as The 8th Prince (Wang Wook)

Baekhyun as The 10th Prince (Wang Eun)

Hong Jong-Hyun as The 3rd Prince (Wang Yo)

Ji Soo as The 14th Prince (Wang Jung)

Nam Joo-Hyuk as The 13th Prince (Baek A)

Yoon Sun-Woo as The 9th Prince (Wang Won)

•••You can watch it on “ONE TV” channel,online or on Youtube.

Thanks for reading!



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