Let’s continue!

Next, I’m going to tell you about the other pair tags to be located in between the <body> tag and the </body> tag..

Pair Tags:

  • Body attributes:
    1. Background color (which change the background color of the webpage): <body bgcolor=”yellow”> – you just have to put the color you want to be the background between the quotation marks.
    2. Background image (the image that will appear as your background in your web): <body background=”url”> – by “url” I mean that you have to put the image’s url between the quotation marks, ex: . You only put the image name and type of file if your image is in the same folder as the  HTML file you’re working on. If it’s not in the same folder, you must add the location of the picture. You can get all these information through right-click on the picture and click properties. By short, you can conclude that this tag is simply:background=”location/filename.gif”.
  • Headings:
    • There are only 6 headings. You can write the tag like:






<h6>Hello</h6>        (you can try this in notepad)

  • Paragraph:
    • The paragraph tag directly separates a paragraph to another paragraph by automatically adding a space between them.
    • You can write it like: <p> and </p>
  • Character Formatting tags:
    • <b>bold</b>  to bold
      <u>underline</u> to underline
      <i>italic</i> to italic
      <center>center</center>  to center
      <p align=“center”>text</p> to align the paragraph to center
      <p align=“left”>text</p> to align the paragraph to left
      <p align=“right”>text</p> to align the paragraph to right
      <p align=“justify”>text</p> to justify the paragraph
  • Font tag attributes:
    • Just like in Ms Word, this tag has the function to chang the font face, color and size.
    • To change font face: <font face=”century gothic”>
    • To change font size: <font size=9>
    • To change font color: <font color=”red”>
    • You can mix those attributes together: <font face=”curlz mt” size=9 color=”red”>
    • Don’t forget the closing tags after the text you want to write:
  • Marquee:
    • It’s hard to explain what a marquee is, you’d have to try it on notepad alone, just like the idiom : Looking at something once is far clearer than listening /reading to the explanation 10 times.
    • <marquee>text</marquee> is the basic tag.
    • attributes: <marquee bgcolor=“red” width=293 height=115
    • You can have different behavior for the marquee: alternate,scroll, slide.
    • You can have either direction or behavior. There are 4 types of direction: up,down,right,left.

Empty tags:

  • Line breaks:
    • Line breaks have the same function as the “enter” button on your keyboard.
    • You can write it as <br>
  • Horizontal Rule:
    • This is a line that is usually located near the top of the page.
    • You can write it as: <hr>
    • It also has attributes like: <hr width=1000 color=”red”  size=5 align=”center”>
  • Image
    • This is one of my favorite tags. This tag makes the picture appear.
    • Just like the body background tag you have to put the url of the image.
    • You can write the tag like: <img src=”location/filename.jpg”>
    • For the jpg, it doesn’t has to always be jpg because it is actually for the picture type. It can either be jpg/jpeg/gif/other file types.


That’s it for now, let me tell you more in my next post! Thanks for reading, don’t forget to like or comment below :D.


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