This time I’m going to tell you the basic of HTML.

What’s HTML???

Hyper Text Markup Language or HTML for short is a text file containing tags. To write a HTML you can use Notepad and Web Browser to view the output.

The Structure of HTML:

We must  start the HTML with a <html> pair tag. Before that let me tell you about pair tags and empty tags.

Pair Tags?

Pair tags are tags that have a pair. Ex: <html> and</html> (<html> is the opening tag while</html> is the closing tag)

Empty Tags?

Empty tags are the opposite of Pair Tags, they don’t have a pair and can stand alone. Ex: <br>

Back to the structure! (basic must)

<html> =The first tag of every HTML


<title>Hello</title>= web name


<body> =everything visible in the web page

This is my first HTML web

</body>=closing tag

</html>=the last tag of every HTML




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