Story 1: Cat vs. Water (Part 2)

“Buckle up, y’al,”said Mr. Stanley,”here we go!”

Everyone were very happy. They sang all the way to the villa.

“This is fun! I like vacation trips. Do you feel the joy?” Miu told the other pets.

“Yeah, but it’s kinda bumpy back here,” said Jon who was sitting at the back.

They traveled for 3 hours and arrived at the villa.

“We’re here!” exclaimed Mr.Stanley,” alright, now put your bags in your room and go change into your swimsuits coz’ we’re going to swim first.”

Everyone rushed into their rooms and changed into their swimsuits. Mrs.Stanley prepared the BBQ for the family and also the pet foods.

“Oh no. It’s swim time. I hate the water. Maybe I should just go and sleep at the edge,” thought Miu.

Andy and Mellie splashed into the pool. They splashed water to each other. Jon went in to the water too, so did Cutie. Cutie seemed like so relaxed on her rubber bed, floating over the edge of the pool.  Unfortunately, Andy and Mellie forgot about Miu. Miu was really frightened of the water.

“Hello Cat, why so scared? Don’t say that you’re afraid of me?” said a voice.

“Who..who’s there?”asked Miu terrified, “what do you mean by ‘afraid’?”

“Oh, you don’t know who I am huh?”said the voice again but now in a terrifying way.

“Who are you?” asked Miu who shook in fear,” are you a g..g..g..ghost?”

Andy and Mellie kept on splashing each other with water. Once again the water splashed to Miu.

“Meowwww!!!! No!! Water, water, water everywhere!” exclaimed Miu loudly.

Then the voice came again,” Cat, why so scared? Do you know who I am?”

“No, no, no, no. I hate it! Who ever you are, I know you’re evil!” Miu cried,” show yourself!”

The voice replied,“As you wish. I am the..”

Suddenly the water from the pool came to Miu, as if it was alive.

“Water!” continued the voice.

The voice was the water all along, the water that frightened Miu.

“Don’t come closer! I hate you! Go away!” screamed Miu.

The water splashed to Miu again, now on purpose.

“Meowwww! No!” exclaimed Miu.

“Hahhahaahhahahahahahahhaha! That was hilarious,” the water laughed.

“ You..! I will prove to you that I, a cat who’s afraid of you, will be able to swim! That time I’ll laugh at you!” retorted Miu.

“Yeah right! Like you will swim?! Oh, cat, don’t say what you can’t even promise to do,” ordered the water.

“Oh you have no idea who you’re messing with. You’ll see, I’ll be able to swim,” said Miu, confidently.

The water smiled and went back into the pool.

Jon and Cutie went out of the pool. They walked to Miu. They saw Miu laying sadly on the floor.

“What’s wrong Miu?” asked Jon.

“I know exactly ‘what’s wrong’,” said Cutie ,”she’s afraid of the water, ain’t that right Miu?”

Miu didn’t say a word. She was confused of what to do. On the other side, the Stanleys were having lunch. Mr. Stanley had the BBQ sausage, Mrs. Stanley had the BBQ meat and the children had spaghetti. After lunch, the family decided to go to the flying fox area where no pets were allowed, so the pets were left at the villa, alone.

“Jon, Jon, Cutie, Cutie may I talk to you please?” asked Miu softly.

“What is it?” asked Jon.

“You see, I had a bad day and I thought that maybe you guys could help me,” said Miu.

“What’s wrong?” asked Cutie.

“ I am a cat, I am afraid of water, I hate to get splashed by water, and that was what happened today,” answered Miu.

“Andy and Mellie must have forgotten, anyway I am sorry I didn’t pay attention that time,” said Jon.

“That’s not the problem. It was the water!” exclaimed Miu.

Miu told her friends everything that happened at the pool, of course they didn’t believe her but they decided to help her learn to swim. They all went to the bathtub and prepared warm water in it.

“It’s ready! Come, try having a bath. It will be great,” said Jon.

“I think you should try it first, before I do,” said Miu.

“ Alright, I’ll go first,” said Cutie.

After Cutie went in, Jon went in. Jon pulled Miu’s arm and brought her into the tub.

“Meowwww! No! I hate water, I hate water,” Miu cried loudly.

“Calm down Miu, you should try enjoying this. It’s great. See how we’re enjoying this, if you don’t calm down, you’ll never be able to swim,” said Jon.

Miu calmed down and closed her eyes she decided to feel the warmth of the water. She want to proove to the water that she can do it and finally, she did it. Everyone cheered for Miu, she could swim, she’s not afraid anymore.

The next day, Miu ran into the water and splashed into the pool. She did it, she could swim. She laughed at the water. The water than felt guilty after teasing that extraordinary cat. The Stanleys saw Miu swimming, they were surprised and elated. Andy grabbed his phone and took a video of Miu swimming and posted it in his Youtube Channel. The viewers of his video reached a million. Since then, Miu was famous all around the world , all because she conquered her fear!

Alright! I am done with my first story, did you like it? Oh yeah, don’t forget to like and leave a comment. Thanks for reading, have a nice day! 😀 🙂


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