Story 1: The Cat vs. Water (Part 1)

During the spring holiday, Andy’s family had decided to go on a vacation to a villa in the mountains. They decided that the pets should come too. They had a cat, Miu; a dog, Jon and a hamster, Cutie. The pets were very excited that they would go on a family trip.

“Woohoo!”said Miu happily,” it’s my first time on a family vacation.”

 “Yeah, plus, we’ll be staying there for 4 days 3 night,” added Jon and Cutie.

Andy and Mellie (Andy’s sister) started packing for the trip, they prepared the pets’ belongings too. They brought their swimsuits since they’ll be swimming in the private pool.

“Andy, can Miu swim? Is she afraid of the water?” asked Mellie.

“No she can’t and of course she is afraid of the water. We should keep her away from the water. Cats hate water, remember? That time, when we gave her a bath she scratch you right?” replied Andy.

“I see,” replied Mellie,” we should remember to keep her away from the pool.”

Mrs. Stanley came to Andy and Mellie.

“Children, have you packed?” asked Mrs. Stanley.

“We’re almost done mom,”replied Andy and Mellie.

“Hurry and go to sleep or else you’ll get sleepy tomorrow,” ordered Mrs. Stanley.

“ Alright mom,” answered Andy.

So they got in their beds directly after packing  and had a good night sleep. The pets went to sleep too.

In the morning, Andy’s alarm rang. It rang so loudly that everyone in the house woke up. Everyone got into their outfits and went to the dining room for breakfast. Meanwhile, the pets were cleaning their cage and tidying up for the vacation and of course they didn’t forget to have breakfast too.

“Are you guys ready?” asked Mr. Stanley.

“Yeah!”replied everyone.

Everyone brought their bags and put everything inside the minivan. Everyone got in the minivan and so, the vacation started.

Curious where the climax will be? Keep on following my posts and you’ll be able to read part 2 in no time!

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